2024 Joshua Jay China Tour Lecture is about to begin!

2024 Joshua Jay China Tour Lecture is about to begin!

Iconic American magician, magic author, and co-founder of Vanishing Inc, Joshua Jay, is returning to China once again! He will exchange and share his magic with magic enthusiasts across China!

Joshua Jay's magic is renowned for its exquisite skill and innovative effects. He has also authored numerous bestselling magic books, including "MAGIC: The Complete Course," "Talk About Tricks," "How Magicians Think," among others. Additionally, his original magic creations such as Trojan Deck, Out of Sight, and Balance have been leading products in the magic industry in recent years.

In recent years, Joshua Jay's solo show "Six Impossible Things" in New York has garnered widespread attention! Every night, audiences from around the world gather not just to see magic but to experience a whole new immersive magic journey. It's not a traditional magic performance but a unique interactive experience where audiences are taken on a captivating journey through different rooms, each presenting an "impossible" event.

Apart from performing and creating magic, as one of the co-founders of Vanishing Inc. Magic, Joshua Jay has led the company to become one of the most influential magic prop retail enterprises globally.

To promote magic culture, foster offline magic exchanges, and create more opportunities for magic enthusiasts to learn and exchange magic face-to-face, Bacon Magic will once again host the Joshua Jay China Magic Tour Lecture in September-October this year!

For more information, please follow the official Bacon Magic account, where we will bring you the latest updates on Joshua Jay's China Tour Lecture!  

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