The 12th CMUC New Star Cup Magic Convention Competition Registration

The 12th CMUC New Star Cup Magic Convention Competition Registration

The CMUC New Star Cup has always been dedicated to providing a platform for new magicians to showcase their talents, and many outstanding young magicians have emerged from this platform.

This year marks the 17th year of the New Star Cup, and we still adhere to our original intention, which is to supply fresh blood to the magic community and promote the exchange of magic culture.

The 12th CMUC New Star Cup Magic Exchange Conference will officially start in September 2024, and the program registration is now open.

Time and Location

September 2024 (specific date to be determined)
Beijing Literature and Art Federation Lao She Theatre

Registration Requirements

  • Program Duration: Close-up programs should be 5 to 10 minutes long; Stage programs should be 6 to 12 minutes long.
  • Performance Attire: Mainly formal attire or magician's costumes, casual clothing or casual wear is to be avoided.
  • High-quality music must be self-prepared and sent by mail in the form of a CD or USB drive along with a paper registration form.
  • If you have special requirements, please contact us in advance.
  • The New Star Cup is only open to magicians and magic enthusiasts who have not won gold, silver, or bronze awards in municipal-level or above magic competitions, or who are below the second year of university (including the second year).

    Registration Method

    Please mail the paper registration form along with the performance music CD or USB drive to Bacon Magic.

    Mailing Address: Mr. Wang, No. 101A, Building 27, No. 2 Huanke Middle Road, Majuqiao Town, Tongzhou District, Beijing.

    Download link for the registration form: 
    Access Code: ryfn

    Please send the registration video with the email subject in the format of "[New Star Cup Registration] + Group (Stage Group/Close-up Group) + Name" to the registration person in charge's email:

    Please fill in the email subject in the standard format. Otherwise, it may be judged as spam by the mailbox, resulting in the organizing committee not receiving the registration video.

    Registration Deadline

    August 1, 2024

    Consultation Contact Information

    For related issues, please consult the Bacon Magic WeChat customer service [Red Heart Seven], WeChat ID: peigenmoshu.

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