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Bacon Magic

Atlantis: Fire & Water Playing Cards

Atlantis: Fire & Water Playing Cards

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  • The gift box and the card box:
    - Internal playing cards adopt a double-layer sleeve box design.
    - Uses embossed hot stamping and temperature-sensitive color-changing tech.
    - Central totem turns white at 37C (Normal body temperature)
  • Premium Pantone metallic ink on the back, no white border
  • The face of cards: sun-sensitive color-changing tech, displays patterns under UV light.
  • BPCC's smooth printing tech.
  • Features brand-new designs for suits, numbers, Jokers, cardbacks, and court cards.

Atlantis is the name of a legendary ancient continent, country, or city-state believed to have had a highly developed civilization. It is said to have been destroyed by a great flood around 10,000 BC. According to legend, Atlantis considered itself the offspring of the god of the sea and had a strong reverence for the ocean.

Considerable effort has been devoted to conceiving and designing the 12 character cards, with each card representing a deity of Atlantis. To achieve this, we extensively researched literature and data. It's noteworthy that Bacon Magic has invested significant effort in meticulously designing and producing these cards.

BPCC's newly developed sun-sensitive color-changing printing technology reveals hidden patterns on the cards when exposed to sunlight and ultraviolet light. The card box features embossed hot stamping and a newly developed temperature-sensitive color-changing technology. The central totem portion of the gift box and card box will turn white at around 37 degrees Celsius (98 degrees Fahrenheit), and will revert to its original color at room temperature.

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