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Bacon Magic

Cupcake PRO by Milo

Cupcake PRO by Milo

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The Chop Cup is a fast-paced routine that instantly grabs spectators' attention. With rhythmic vanishes and productions happening inches away, it plays delightfully with spectators' expectations.

The Slot Box has long been prized for its ability to secretly hold a coin inside the box. It allows you to use "one-ahead" principle to perform extremely clean coin magic - coin through table, transpositions, productions, vanishes, and more can be achieved with remarkable naturalness.

While the Chop Cup and Slot Box have been magicians' favorites, being prepared for all situations required carrying both props. Until now...

Introducing - Cupcake Pro by Milo & Bacon Magic!

Cupcake Pro ingeniously fuses the entertainment of the Chop Cup with the utility of the Slot Box into one finely crafted, ultra-compact prop.

With its perfectly calibrated magnetic strength, you can simply tap the cup on a spectator's palm to produce the ball - no vigorous shaking needed.

Fusing the Chop Cup's visuals with the Slot Box's utility, ultra-portable Cupcake Pro delivers unmatched versatility - it truly is the best prop for walk-around performances.

Cupcake Pro offers you:
● Fast-paced, highly visual Chop Cup routines
● Extremely clean coin magic via "one-ahead" principle
● Incredible portability & versatility
● Premium quality, built to last

Cupcake Pro Plus offers you:
28mm red knitted magnetic ball*1
28mm red knitted ball*2
43mm red knitted ball*1

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