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Bacon Magic

PEASHOOTER by Erlich Zhang

PEASHOOTER by Erlich Zhang

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Producing objects from thin air is one of the strongest effects in magic. But showing your hands completely empty, then immediately making another object to appear elevates the effect to a genuine miracle. Take it even further by doing it a third time for maximum impact

However, achieving a genuine and continous production of objects requires more than sleight of hand - you need a loading device.

Introducing - Peashooter by Erlich Zhang & Bacon Magic

After 3 years and 21 prototypes, we have arrive at the ultimate loading device for working magicians. Its intricate design accommodates a wide range of coin sizes with precision, allowing you to effortlessly load Half Dollars, Morgan Dollars, and even English Pennies with ease... and without sleeves!

Quality construction is at the core of the PeaShooter. Built with premium materials and durable components, this device will last through countless performances and endless practice sessions. From the high-grade internals to the careful assembly, every aspect is made to withstand heavy use. With the PeaShooter, you never have to worry about equipment failure ruining your magic.

With Peashooter, you can hold:
● 5 Half Dollars
● 5 Morgan Dollars
● Any coin size that is between Half Dollars and Dollars
● ... It can be used with short sleeves

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