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Prometheus Playing Cards

Prometheus Playing Cards

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Standard Edition

The Prometheus Basic Deck comes in two colors: red and blue. The front of the card box features the ancient Greek text "Προμηθεύς" for Prometheus along with a portion of the card back design below the logo. The back of the card box matches the card back design, facilitating various magic effects. Elements resembling sparks or flames dance across the card back design. The design is subtle and simple, reducing any doubts spectators might have about the cards. Whether for practice or performance, it is highly suitable. The circular center design also enhances visual appeal during card flourishes. The Joker and Ace designs incorporate elements from the card back, while the face cards feature classic pip and court card designs. Designed by renowned industry designer Miss Cindy and produced by BPCC, this deck utilizes the latest Air-C technology. In addition to the standard red and blue practice decks, we also offer a limited edition collector's box. Don't miss out if you're a fan!

Collector's Box Set


  • Each set includes 4 limited edition decks (black, green, gray, orange) and 2 standard decks (red, blue).
  • The limited edition decks come with a unique numbered seal, with only 300 sets available.
  • The 4 limited edition decks within each set share the same unique number.
  • These limited edition decks feature high-quality, glossy paper for the tuck box.
  • Printed by Bacon Playing Card Company(BPCC) in China.

Prometheus Playing Card Deluxe Collector Set, now available!

This deck boasts a timeless design, from the exquisite box to the elegant deck itself. The patterns exude a sense of classic charm, perfect for both practice sessions and captivating magic performances. The circular design on the card backs adds an extra touch of allure to your every move.

In addition to the original standard edition (available in red and blue), we proudly present four special editions in black, green, gray, and orange. Each special edition is limited to just 300 decks, and they come with a holographic numbered seal, ensuring their exclusivity.

Within the collector set, the special edition decks all share the same unique number, making them even more extraordinary.

These top-quality playing cards are crafted in China by the prestigious Bacon Playing Card Company (BPCC), ensuring an exceptional standard of craftsmanship.

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