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The Gifted Pen by Joshua Kaufmann

The Gifted Pen by Joshua Kaufmann

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For over half a century, the pen-through-anything effect has captivated audiences and been a staple in magicians' repertoires. This classic illusion has evolved through countless iterations, each aiming to make the impossible seem more real. Now, a groundbreaking innovation is set to redefine this timeless effect.

Introducing - Gifted Pen by Joshua Kaufmann

Gifted Pen revolutionizes the classic pen-through-anything effect, offering a level of clarity and naturalness never before achieved. Unlike traditional gimmicks, Gifted Pen allows you to show the pen openly moments before the penetration occurs. 

On top of that, you can even use borrowed pen!

This ingenious creation transforms an ordinary BIC pen into a miracle-maker, enabling you to push it through bills, cards, or any paper and cloth items with ease. The effect happens inches from your spectators' eyes, defying all expectations and leaving them questioning reality.

Gifted Pen offers you: 
● Crystal-clear presentation - show the pen before penetration 
● Stunning visual penetrations through various objects 
● Incredible portability - carry just the gimmick and borrow pens 
● Versatility with both blue and black pens 
● The ability to perform impromptu miracles

The set includes: 
● 2 precision-engineered gimmicks (1 for blue pens, 1 for black pens) 
● 4 regular BIC pens (2 blue, 2 black)

Gifted Pen's cleverly designed gimmicks can be secretly attached to borrowed pens, allowing for impromptu performances anywhere, anytime. This feature makes it the ultimate tool for walk-around magicians and impromptu performances.

Crafted with attention to detail by Joshua Kaufmann & Bacon Magic Team, and enhanced with additional handling methods by Xavior Spade and Patrick Liu, Gifted Pen represents the pinnacle of pen-through-anything effects. It delivers unmatched quality, reliability, and versatility for magicians of all skill levels.

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