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Ultimate Classic Pass by Zee

Ultimate Classic Pass by Zee

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I have been working on Classic Pass since I got into card magic. I came up with numerous variations and I even released one of them a few years ago. However, there was something in Classic Pass that never satisfied me.

We should categorize Classic Pass into 2 categories. One is Demo Pass and one is Worker Pass.

If we want to use Classic Pass to control a card, we have to change certain things about it to make it look good.

For example, holding the deck as we used to hold it when doing Classic Pass is “too flashy”. THAT position is not a naturally relaxed position but more of an“I am about to some magic” kind of position. It may not make much sense now but you will get what I mean once you watch the tutorial.

I poured my heart into making Demo Pass look good because I want to get closure from the Classic Pass phase. On top of that, it really looks good in both videos and real life. Great for showing off your skills.

But, Worker Pass is the ONLY pass I will use to control cards if I choose to use Classic Pass to do so.

There are quite a lot of subtleties to learn, but all of them are not difficult. The only difficult thing is to apply all the subtleties in a single move which might take a few days to get used to.


If you would like to be able to confidently do Classic Pass even if someone from your audience pulls out a phone to record your performance, then you should check out Ultimate Classic Pass.

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