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Xavior's Rise (Raise Rise Project)

Xavior's Rise (Raise Rise Project)

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Our greatest strength glory is not in never falling. But in rising every time we fall - Confucious

This is not an easy to do or self-working routine. This is something that will take time to learn and even longer to do comfortably. You have been warned.

Things Covered in this video:

  • Pinky Count
  • Double Lifts
  • The Tilt (Xavior's Handling)
  • Getting Injogs
  • The Ambitious Riser
  • Rising Multiple Cards(2 ways)
  • F/X Production
  • Xavior's Short Wave Transposition
  • Modified Handling of Ray Kosby's Raise Rise
  • Xavior's Rise

This video is over an hour long and goes from start to finish, everything you need to know to accomplish this routine.

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